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Who is Sigrid Andersson?


With the great desire to become a director, Sigrid Andersson first trained as an actor from 1981-1984. Her goal was to understand and experience the work of an actor from the ground up. 

After a successful audition, she was invited by George Shdanoff to attend his classes at the Los Angeles Theatre Company in late 1986. She enjoys the privilege of being the only one to have been trained by him for over two years as a film coach. For years she looked over his shoulder at work and continued researching with him. George Shdanoff was a longtime collaborator and friend of Michael Chekhov and coached many Hollywood greats. For more than 10 years she attended his master class again and again until his death in 1998.

Back in Germany at the end of the 80's she had to realize that the profession of film coach was not even recognized here. (To date, the German Film Academy has not officially recognized the profession of "film coach" or "acting coach"!). Therefore, she initially continued her career as a theater director. At that time she was one of the first women in this profession.

Her directing work includes over 50 productions in the fields of plays, musicals and operas at the National Theater in Mannheim, the State Theater in Bremen, the State Theater in Darmstadt, the State Theater in Karlsruhe, the State Theater in Wiesbaden, and the Volkstheater in Rostock, among others


For 20 years she developed in parallel the Andersson System.

In 2002 she founded "Die Tankstelle - für Künstler zum Auftanken" (The filling station - for recharge artists batteries) in which, together with Brigitte Simons and her teammates, she has created a room for daily training, filming and casting preparations and, above all, for further education. Since then she has been able to teach the Andersson System to over 900 actors and directors and has supported them in their shooting and casting preparations for numerous cinema and television films.

Sigrid Andersson teaches in the field of directing at HMS Hamburg and IFS Cologne and in the field of acting at UdK Folkwang, FU Babelsberg, FOCAL Zurich, HfMT Hamburg, in the field of screenwriting at the Into The Wild Mentoring Program and at the Film Academy BW Ludwigburg.


she do

  • Shooting preparation for directing and acting

  • Casting preparation

  • Pitching preparation

  • Career advice and development

  • Interview preparation for press and self-presentation

  • Workshops: 10 Blocks Course, Psycho-Physical-Exercises, Talent-is-not-enough, Transition Techniques, further training to become a acting coach, screenplay pitch

  • Dealing with self-boycott mechanisms and blockades

  • Further training as an acting coach: Since 2007 she has so far trained 20 colleagues according to the Andersson System.

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