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40 years of experience

Sigrid Andersson 

"Learning from Sigrid Andersson is like a creative enlightenment."

 Nora Fingscheidt

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Who is
it for?

  • actors(theatre, casting, shooting)

  • directors(script, scene)

  • authors(development, pitch)

The Andersson System  basically consists of two parts:

10 Blocks


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das sysem

The Andersson system

10 Blocks:

Discover the maximum in a scene, in a script. With the 10 Blocks you can optimally prepare a scene/script for castings/filming.  It connects one's imagination with the WHAT of the written scene. It consists of physical tools that you can always rely on on set, during casting and that can also be easily exchanged in communication with casting directors and directors.   Directions can be effortlessly integrated without feeling like you're abandoning or betraying your character.

Psycho-Physical-Exercises according to Chekhov/Shdanoff/Andersson are physical-visual techniques. They are wonderful transformation exercises for character development, with which the charisma in front of the camera can be deliberately and consciously changed. A playground for actors and directors - all of Hollywood works with it.

My Transition Techniques help to show what is between the lines. This is about the conscious use of thought bridges in the play. Transitions add depth to the scene and make the character specific and unique.

These three areas, which concern acting itself, are completed by my workshop Talent-is-not-enough. It deals with conscious and unconscious boycott programs that can complicate or even prevent a professional career, as well as possible individual measures

to (dis)solve such programs.


It works like a toolbox full of reliable tools and is used for casting and shooting preparation in the field of acting and directing. 

It ensures efficient cooperation and communication on set. 

Because time is precious on set.

What do I get?

on the one hand, the precision that is necessary on set

at the same time, a lot of space for your own artistic freedom

Knowledge leads to freedom,

that's a phrase I really like.


When I intuitively know something, I can let go and stop thinking about it. For example tying your shoelaces, a complicated process when you have to learn it as a child, but once you master this process, it runs automatically. The mind remains free.

I've seen too many times how everything I'd prepared in my mind suddenly vanished into smoke and mirrors. As an actress or director, that was often the case when I got into a stressful situation.

The Andersson System is nothing but the transformation of thought into the emotional memory of the body. That means it won't let us down, even in stressful situations. As a former rower in high-performance sports, I know all about this body memory.



Suzanne Wolff

Sigrid is so fast, so smart, smarter, so accurate, so clear and at the same time so sensitive and supportive in her own thoughts and considerations that you actually don't have to shoot the film anymore: So much energy is released!

Everyone knows,

how many factors can negatively affect a casting or a shoot.

For all this I have so-called indirect emotional triggers collected and developed that always work and never don't. Because emotions themselves are not playable, they are the result of causes/stimuli/impulses.

As a sensitive artistic personality, that was the deciding factor for me: I was urgently looking for something which I could rely on, but which didn't restrict me artistically.

Instead of using myself up or being used up over the course of many years of work, I wanted to turn the tables and develop my artistic work further and be enriched by it.

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